January 28, 2011

Jesselton Tonight

Kerap kali sudah hujan turun tiap malam. Tapi malam ini lain sejuknya. Malam ini di Jesselton sangat indah. Bintang pun malu-malu mengeluarkan sinarnya. Sambil baring-baring melihat bulan bercahaya, lagu Jesselton Tonight (Pete Teo) memainkan peranan...

The boys are playing down the riverside
Flat broke and crazy, but it didn't seem to matter, cos we had the night
Yeah, we had the night
Doing sweet thing in 4/4 time
You said it didn't work, but I'm oh so glad to be alive
To be alive

Hosannas under a blood red sky
We danced a tune to Van's surrender
Bless the man, he is singing and howling sweetly to the moon
And then you took me by the hand again and said, "I love you so. Would you fall in love in Jesselton tonight?"

We headed down to the Zanzibar
Make a left somewhere between your dreams and the shooting stars, that's where you are
Oh baby, why don't you just let it show?
"Hey!" she laughed, "that's Brown Eyed Girl on the radio!"
On the radio

Would you fall in love in Jesselton ere days of 'burn baby burn'?
Would you fall in love in Jesselton tonight?

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