August 6, 2009

1 Ogos

1 Ogos, ramai yang menghantar sms untuk mengucapkan "Happy Friendship Day". Tetapi didalam banyak-banyak sms yang diterima, saya agak tersentuh dengan yang ini.

How Friendship Break?

both friends will think the other is busy
and will not contact thinking it may be disturbing
as time passes both will think let the other contact
after that each will think why should I contact first?

here your love will be converted to hate
finally without contact the memory becomes weak
they forget each other

so keep in touch with all
i don't want to be one of this kind...


*Phat.Zara* said...

gosh.. this is really sad.. i dun want tat 2 happen 2 us either!

weadiary said...

Yeah, a friend is who can be beside us in sadness n happiness, in business or loneliness.
Who can make us smile when we cry.
Keep smiling, friend :)

HuSna aNaK EnCiK aZaHaR said...

sgt sokong n relly touching...betul..betul..

Sh. Nursyahidah said...

i wont let this happen to us! hehe =)

thanks.appreciate them,and we will be appreciated.keep smiling too =)

hehe,jangan biarkan kesibukan menyebabkan kita melupakan kwn yg sering mengingati kita.